The fact is, there’s a lot of writing and painting going on at school. Every child should have what they need in their pencil case and at the beginning of school the search for a suitable pencil case is a must. But our editorial staff would like to present an alternative that is cheaper, easier to design and more modern than the designs on the market. The DIY pencil case made of plastic bottles is becoming increasingly popular and is one of the best ideas. The project could be completed within 10 minutes and offers many advantages. A pencil case is made of plastic and is considered easier to clean than textile designs. In this article you will learn many interesting details about the DIY pencil case with the help of a guide!

Make the perfect DIY pencil case yourself
First of all, you will need the materials necessary for this DIY project. This means that you will need one or two bottles, because the pencil case consists of two equal parts. A pair of scissors, silicone gun and colourful zippers of your choice will be needed for the pencil case.

Step 1 :The first step is very important for the whole project, because the cutting of the plastic bottle should be exact. The PET bottles are not cut through the middle. On the one hand the pens won’t fit in and on the other hand they can easily fall out when opening the pencil case.

Step 2: After you have cut the bottle with the scissors, you should fix the zipper optimally. The silicone gun is best suited for this and ensures a stable connection between the plastic surface and the textile. The zippers are attached to the inside of the bottle with silicone. Of course you should plan a certain drying time before you start with step 3.

Step 3 : The zipper should be fixed exactly. This step is very important for the project. The other half of the zipper should also be glued with the silicone gun on the inside. Only then can you fill the DIY pencil case with pens, ballpoint pens and small accessories. DIY experts claim that this DIY pencil case can hold at least 20 pens. Try it too!

Which bottles are best suited for the project?
There is no specific bottle size for the project. The size of the DIY pencil case depends on your taste. Students choose the 500 ml plastic bottles that best fit the length of the pens and ballpoint pens. Sprite bottles are a good example. They have a green and modern look and are easy to cut. A black zipper can be elegantly combined with the light green colour.

If you want to store small sweets, coins or similar items in the pencil case, you can of course make a smaller version yourself. The small pencil cases made of plastic bottles have a decorative value and can be improved with extra materials. The following 3 pictures can serve as inspiration.

After our editorial staff has presented a small and helpful guide, we would like to present a well selected picture gallery with ideas. The following designs differ from the primary example and serve as a perfect inspiration! Enjoy the cool DIY pencil cases!


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