The New Year’s Eve Countdown is probably the most important party activity to close the old year. Like Christmas presents, you want something more creative before counting down the last few minutes before midnight. With New Year’s Eve Countdown bags it’s going to be very exciting and that’s certainly not only true for the children. They are easy to make and engage the guests every hour until midnight to try something new and master it. We will show you how to make the bags yourself and give you some ideas for the actual content.

New Year’s Eve countdown bags easy to make yourself
To make your own New Year’s Eve Countdown bags, you need very few materials. These are probably already at your home, so the bags are also excellent last-minute projects. Here is everything you need:

Opaque brown gift bags, best without handle
Watch templates to print out or simply draw on the bags yourself. The watches don’t necessarily have to be perfect and this shows in particular that they are homemade.
Pencils, scissors and glue
Now all you have to do is cut out the clocks, draw the hands on them and glue them to the bags. Determine when the party starts and make the respective amount of bags. If you start at 18 o’clock, then you need 7 bags. One bag is opened every hour until midnight. The last bag should be opened about a quarter of an hour before New Year.

Place the finished bags on a side table or tie them to a garland over the fireplace top. Alternatively, you can let guests or family members participate by distributing the bags among them. Everyone will then be responsible for opening their own bag at the right time. Just don’t look inside!

Fill the New Year’s Eve Countdown bags creatively
Now it’s getting exciting. How do you fill the bags? There is really only one rule – each bag must contain something different, more original than the others. So not only treats should be included, but also a lot of activities that everyone can take part in. Here are some ideas to choose from:

Homemade sweet or salty treats to nibble on, such as cheese sticks, marzipan potatoes, etc. Always leave to cool completely first and wrap in cellophane.
Glückskekse Origami made of paper with self labeled text fold and wrap in crackers.

New Year’s Eve Lotto natural
watch “Dinner for One” movie – put DVD in the bag
Fun horoscope, as well as Chinese and Indian zodiac signs and horoscopes
Board games for everyone, such as Scrabble, Who am I, Advising resolutions, I never have, Werewolves, etc.

Gummy bear oracle and a large pack of gummy bears in all five colours
Put sparklers, confetti cannons, fireworks and noisemakers in the last bag. Dear fireworks without bang, this is more suitable for babies or pets in the family who would otherwise only be frightened by the noise.

New Year’s Eve Countdown bags with craft ideas for children and teenagers
If the party for the little ones is to start even earlier, then these ideas are just right. Just put a note or a picture of the finished project in the bag and prepare the materials in advance. Then get them out of your secret hideout. Never let the children work with scissors and glue without supervision and help them where necessary.

Make your own party hats with this kit, because without them the party is really not complete. You need colourful craft boxes, glue, elastic bands and decoration at the end like fringes garland, pompoms, pipe cleaners and stickers.

Balloons are real party essentials and such a craft set to make confetti balloons yourself is an absolute must. Simply fill a few transparent balloons with confetti and inflate them. At midnight you can burst them and scatter their confetti everywhere. The balloons do not necessarily have to be filled with helium. They can also be easily hung from the lamp or attached to the wall with adhesive tape as a traditional decoration.

New Year’s resolution Brett himself. Get yourself a large wooden board, acrylic paints, brushes, clothes pegs, rope and some notes. Paint the wooden board as you like, attach the ropes and hang your attachments with the clothespins. You already have an activity for the whole family for the whole year.

Conclusion: Something for every taste. In this way the New Year’s Eve party with friends or family is really fun. New Year’s Eve Countdown bags are great fun for young and old, as well as for a couple or twenty people. We wish you a happy new year with many pleasant surprises and unforgettable moments.



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