In the warm months of the year, the longed-for sun gets too hot. We are forced to look for a hiding place. This does not mean that we have anything against the summer temperatures. They should be there as long as possible. Rather, we would like to have a place in the garden that offers us a touch of freshness. This is exactly what the pergola can assure us.

It would be best if we could go straight from our own garden to the beach. But whether one has this opportunity or not, nothing speaks against a well furnished garden. Pergola is part of it if you want to feel comfortable.

Enjoy time in the shade of the pergola

In principle, the pergola only partially lets the sun’s rays through, so that you can enjoy your time there in the pleasant shade. Even if the sun is not so hot yet, one likes to get out of the four walls and to sit down at this place.

The shadow’s getting denser.

If you choose plants at the pergola, the shade will become much denser over time in a natural way. Of course, this happens when you buy the right green plants, which reach their peak of development in summer. Another thing you should expect is that you will have to wait a few more years for absolute success with the vines and other climbing plants.

Thanks to the plants, you have the opportunity to enjoy a certain aromatherapy in addition to the great green. You would have to make a “green” choice, which at the same time spreads great aromas. There are too many species that offer this. The difficulty, however, lies in finding the perfect variant. If you want to have a lasting success in this respect, it is certainly worth consulting an expert.

Functional decoration

A green garden pergola is so traditional and can seem so modern. Firstly, it is because you can actually design the plants in different shapes. So they can also inscribe themselves in minimalist concepts. In addition, they combine decoration and practical function. This “multi-purpose thinking” is considered to be very popular in all modern design areas. It has a topical and modern effect in itself.


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