A small garden or balcony can be just as challenging to design as large outdoor areas. Even a bigger one! Because more and more people are living in limited spaces and still want to achieve the comfort they might have in larger homes. We would like to show you how this can be achieved using the following examples. In the explanations to the pictures we will also talk about some general trends in garden design.

Creative small garden can be designed with little effort

Depending on what the garden looks like, you probably won’t need so much furniture. What we mean by this is illustrated by the example above this text. In this garden you have a stepped construction and you can spread comfortable carpets on it.

You can sit down there and enjoy the great view. Some comfortable and beautiful decorative cushions make the whole thing all the more great! Surely you don’t need much space with such a design.

Adapt the furniture to the garden layout

A small garden is a challenge for a number of reasons. On the one hand there should be enough space for the furniture. It should also look neat and well structured so that you can feel good in it. The best thing to do in such a case is to invest in custom-made furniture that follows the shape of the small garden and not the other way round. This is exactly what you can see in the example above. In addition, the furniture has a multifunctional character.

Classic garden design in a reduced version

A small garden, like a large one, can follow the rules of classic design. This is particularly easy if the planted area has a square or rectangular ground plan. All you have to do in this case is to reduce the dimensions! So you can even use a great design of a castle garden. You can see exactly how this could work from the two examples above.

Furniture for interior and exterior use

We use our garden mostly in the three warm summer months. If we have a roof – maybe a little longer. But on the whole we enjoy the garden for a limited period of time. That is why it is not worthwhile for everyone to buy expensive furniture especially for outdoor use. The best thing to do is to have a few pieces of furniture ready in the interior that would also be suitable for outdoors. A comfortable chair or seat cushion might be sufficient for some purposes.

Make the most of your favourite corner!
A small garden is a great pleasure for many home dwellers. This is their favourite corner and within it there is always a specific spot where you feel most comfortable. This is exactly the spot you should find and make the most of its potential through the clever use of furniture. Often minimalist concepts such as those shown in the picture above are sufficient!


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