Whether your summer garden has a pool to cool down in or a great eye-catcher of colourful garden flowers, it’s never too late to turn it into a refreshing summer oasis. Today we are happy to give you 5 tips on how to create your own outdoor oasis. Here you’ll find everything from comfortable seats to hanging plant lights. We’ve also prepared helpful hints for you to create an impressive garden look and enjoy the warm summer outdoors in the fresh air!

1. surround yourself with plants

Don’t you have a pool or other water facility? No problem, then you can maintain many and varied plants in your garden. They bring a lot of freshness even on hot summer days and turn the outdoor area into the right refuge of your dreams! In some summer gardens everything revolves around plant growth! Specially made seats and softwood tops give the outdoor space an inviting look!

Think about what plants you can add! From the juicy blue agaves, rare prickly cacti to the classic magnolias and roses, you can turn your summer garden into a sculptural relaxation zone.

Add variety to your outdoor oasis by selecting plants based on their colors, sizes, and textures, and then dividing them into layers. An old tree in the garden adds height, while Sago palms create a neat look in matching containers. Note the different shades – they should go well together!

Even if your outdoor space is not full of vines, shrubs and flowers, you could add potted plants or hanging hanging flowerpots.

2. comfortable seats for more relaxation outside

Why bother to create a garden oasis when you can’t sit back and enjoy the view? Seating is the key to your outdoor sanctuary and we have a few ideas for your design inspiration. Put a chair where you don’t expect it to be! You don’t need tiles to create the basis for a seating area. A comfortable armchair or deck chair in the shadiest place in the yard will do the trick!

3. Open the umbrellas!

If your outdoor oasis is only shaded for a short time during the day, decorate it with one or two sunshades. They are stylish and practical, especially around the pool they look great. Choose interesting decoration with cushions and enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a modern summer garden!

And if you have the space, don’t hesitate to set up an outdoor dining area in your garden oasis! There’s nothing better there to enjoy a wonderful meal while you’re surrounded by lush plant life.

4. have water in the garden and enjoy freshness

A water facility is the safe way to add an oasis atmosphere to your outdoor space. Even if a garden pool is not provided there, consider a garden pond. Try lush plants for extra beauty and charm all around!

A fountain (even if a small one) is a good example of how you can add the element of water to your outdoor oasis.

If you are lucky enough to have a water fountain, your outdoor oasis will look even more refreshing. Let the splash of water lead you into a dream world.

5. create an invitation path

A garden path beckons with its guidelines and curves and invites you to discover the surrounding plant life. The appearance becomes neat and seductive. The gravel garden path leads to an outdoor seating area where residents can relax, read, enjoy a conversation or sip their favourite drink while eating. The result is a modern outdoor area full of natural beauty.

Flowers, plants, armchairs, umbrellas, water, pools, dining tables, pfäder – all this offers you the comfort you need to spend a long, relaxing summer!


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