The temperatures in Germany during the summer season are very high and the heat causes many discussions again and again. But if you have a garden and want to enjoy the summer heat best, then the garden shower would be an ideal idea. This article is not about the standard garden showers, but about the variants that can positively enhance the garden thanks to their designs. Stay tuned and learn more about the great designs that are currently in vogue.

What does the perfect garden shower look like these days?
The garden showers are modernized year after year and offer more and more great functions and features. That’s why it’s worth introducing the latest designs that are up-to-date and very popular.

First of all, the garden shower should be equipped with a simple installation.

This allows the versatile use of the Duche in the garden. The fixing and the water connections are nowadays very elegantly integrated and are located in the floor. So you can enjoy the outdoor design.

Solar Garden Shower – Have you heard of the refreshing garden shower with solar technology? Nowadays the market offers a new and very practical technology. The outdoor solar garden shower has a tank with more than 20 litres of water. This technology provides a water temperature that is very easy to adjust. Ecologically minded people prefer this variant and combine the shower with a lot of garden green.

Smart and Elegant – In 2018, the ultra-modern garden showers will be equipped with more and more great extras that will make for a great time. Are you a fan of LED lighting? If so, then you will certainly like the shower heads with Led. The hand shower and the shower head can be equipped with colourful lights that switch on automatically during the showering process. Smart, right? The next feature is the integrated soundbox of the garden shower, which works via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. So you can enjoy your garden shower with your favorite music.

Designing the garden shower correctly

The perfect design of the garden shower plays a large and important role. Better said, you should design the surroundings in such a way that you can feel relaxed and comfortable. We will present the two cool environment designs:

Natural Stone – This outdoor design combined with a vintage garden shower gives a wild look. Various outdoor plants such as palm trees are the best way to enjoy the time under the garden shower. The tropical atmosphere is one of the most popular outdoor decorations and more and more people are looking for the perfect inspiration. For this reason, designers prefer the Thai design of the outdoor shower – with numerous green plants and a metal shower.

Wood look – The wooden ornaments contribute greatly to giving the outdoor shower a natural look. The wooden boards are preferred by many homeowners because they offer a great look and robustness. The wall design of the outside showers could be equipped with Douglas fir wood. With the help of sandpaper and a suitable varnish you will achieve a wonderful effect – a glossy design. The floor design of the outdoor shower with wooden planks should always be perfect. There is also a safe drainage system under the wooden construction.

After our editorial staff has presented the latest updates of the garden showers, we would like to present a picture gallery with cool ideas. Use the individual pictures as inspiration!


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